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The website and discussion list system is much more stable and reliable than any previous email discussion list system we've had over the past decade. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and money to run a website and discussion list of this magnitude. We had been trying to offset the costs by running ads and such on the site, and not trying to ask for donations. But the ads can't pay for all of the work and maintenance. While even a little something is better than nothing, the current global economic crisis has almost entirely dried up that little bit of funding from ads that we had received. Basically, at this point, internet ads aren't even able to pay for our hosting costs, let alone any work or maintenance. So this is where you are needed. needs your help! If you have found either the email discussion list or the website itself to be useful, please make a donation to help keep the site and the email discussion list alive! Even just a little bit helps to keep fresh content and discussions coming forth, meaning that we get to keep sharing knowledge. It's a win/win situation for everyone involved.

A single donation would be appreciated, but a subscribed donation (one where you donate monthly via subscription) would be even better! Not sure? Never donated before? Relax. We use Paypal - the same people you trust for buying your motion picture camera gear on ebay and other places. We appreciate your help and hope to return the favor by helping you gain more knowledge via and via our discussion list.

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