About Russian Cinema Camera Gear

Russian Camera gear will do the work you demand - 'nuff said. A Russian Cinema Camera, in good to excellent condition, is not going to be everything a brand new $50,000 film camera is going to be (that new camera smell, that digital thingamabob, the 1 year warranty), but it will work - the way Mother Russia intended it to. And it will do most everything a $50k camera will do, most likely just as well, if not better - and sometimes it will do more!

Kinor 35H
Sean McVeigh's Kinor 35H
What makes these cinema cameras great is that you can easily afford to buy two of them, one to shoot with and one for backup, as well as ALL of the necessary accessories (lenses, viewfinders, magazines). The good news is that buying two, that are fully loaded with everything you'll need to shoot a film, are usually much cheaper than renting most 35mm kits for a week!

And don't even get us started on the Russian made Lomo lenses! The Lomo lenses, although older, will hold their own against equally aged Zeiss or Cooke™ - and you probably won't notice enough of a difference between the look of the newer Zeiss and/or Cooke™ lenses to warrant paying the extra $15,000 or more per lens (if you notice anything at all!). A prime Lomo lens, in good condition, can often be bought for as little as $100 or less (US currency). Take a look at the konvas & kinor faq for more info.